5 most difficult instruments to learn

Do you like a challenge? Or do you not want to learn the same common instruments that everyone is learning? Then we have a list for you which will really be a challenge for you.

  1. Saxophone: Made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece, without a doubt one of the most difficult instrument to learn. The most difficult part is to control the pitch of voice coming out of the saxophone. The player has to cover holes by pressing mechanical keys which triggers a system of pads, pivot and linkages. You got to be very consistent with your saxophone lessons if you really want to learn it.
  2. Violin: One of the most famous instruments and one of the most difficult instruments to play as well. It requires high concentration and precision to play the violin. It takes years of training to completely master this elegant instrument. You need to practice everyday and take your violin lessons very seriously if you want to be a master of the violin.
  3. Organ: It is an instrument which requires you to think about five different things at the same time. You need to play the keys and use your feet to control the pedals. Since there is no sustain pedal so you have to hold the notes for longer to keep the sound going. It takes years and years of practice to master this instrument. You need to be incredibly patient with the Organ.
  4. Accordion: It is a pretty challenging instrument. A lot goes into playing the accordion, you got to press buttons, push and pull separate parts of the instrument to produce sound. It is said that to play an accordion is like playing piano and bagpipes at the same time. There are a huge number of keys and buttons that you need to master to play correct notes and chords. Both your hands are doing separate things at the same time, which can be very challenging. An accordion is a heavy instrument, so it can be difficult to play for longer durations of time.
  5. Piano: If you are a beginner then piano can be a very easy instrument for you to play. But as you advance in with your piano lessons and really move into that zone where you plan to master the instrument, then it can be the most difficult instrument for you to play. To play piano flawlessly you need to move the fingers of both your hands simultaneously that too on different keys. You need to have great eye hand coordination to land your fingers on the correct key. You need to focus on the keys and the notes at the same time.

These were the most difficult instruments to learn, if you want to really challenge yourself then you should definitely take music lessons for one of the instruments from the above-mentioned list. If you are passionate about music then with practice and precision you can gain mastery in any instrument.

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