Choosing the Top Talent Booking Agencies in Los Angeles

Selecting the right talent agency can make or break it for any aspiring actor. Many new actors make the mistake of signing a contract with the first talent agency that shows interest. What they don’t understand is not all agents have their talent’s best interests in mind. If you want to make it big in Hollywood, you must be represented by a talent agent who will find you quality gigs, offer honest professional advice, and help build your acting career.

Being represented by a top talent booking agency in Los Angeles, such as Cultivated Entertainment Agency, can blast you to stardom in no time. Here’s how you should choose your talent agency:


The most reliable way to find out about a talent agent’s reputation is by word-of-mouth. Ask industry professionals and fellow actors about their experience with the talent agency. Inquire whether or not contacting the agency is worth your time. If it is, take the chance to ask for referrals to increase your chances of landing a meeting with the agency.


As an actor, you want to explore your craft by taking on different roles. But what if your talent agent keeps sending you out on auditions where you can’t see yourself playing the character at all? Actors and agents must see eye-to-eye. Avoid talent agents who will keep typecasting you based on ethnicity, race, and gender.


Do you fit within the agency’s specialization? A cultivated entertainment agency should be well-known among casting directors for the types of talent that they represent. Some agencies specialize in commercials, while others represent talents for film and television. Know which roles you want to be playing to see if you and your target agency are a match.


Before committing to a talent agency, be wary about the contract that they want you to sign. Some contracts force you to work with one particular agent for a long period of time. Reputable Los Angeles talent agencies like Cultivated Entertainment Agency protect both their talents and agents by thoroughly going over the terms and fine print. If there’s something that either party doesn’t like, the agency should be open to accommodate those concerns.

Finally, Trust Your Gut

If you immediately feel that something is off the moment you meet with the agency, it’s best to trust your gut. You should be developing a long-term relationship with your talent agent, so it’s best to wait for that cliche “love-at-first-sight” moment. It’s important to feel comfortable with a cultivated talent agency. If something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut — or else you might be walking into a scam.

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