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It is believed that what is free is generally not worthy of attention, but the story with internet media is entirely different. In fact the entire internet is based upon free services. From shopping to networking everything is free in this long list of freebies. The latest addition is news and information. Nowadays most people don’t have the time and energy to read newspaper. They generally love to stay updated with headlines while on the move, through their mobiles or laptops.

Under such circumstances the free press release service are very useful. These sites are actually free and all news that gets listed in this has the chance of making it to Google news site. We all know the advantage of being listed in Google news site is huge. I mean literally huge!

The moment you are linked with your site gets an elite standing among all other news sites because Google only allows selective sites to feature in their news site. Once you gain this elite status it is more than obvious that more websites will try and build link with your website. Moreover when any person writes an article in the news section, it automatically gets update in the search engine section of Google.

If this is not enough, you will be happy to learn that sites which actually gets featured in Google news automatically gets a highest search engine ranking from Google. Last but not least the traffic that actually flows to any site which is indexed in Google search engine site is literally huge and has the capacity to make your fortune soar really high.

However it should be borne in mind that getting into Google is not easy. Every minute there is perhaps at least hundred pages scrambling for an opportunity to enter the Google news page.

Phuket may seem like a small island, but if you spend an extended period of time there, you’ll soon realize that lots happens, from muggings and robberies to murders and drive-by shootings. The island also gets some good news, of course. With anything up to one million people living in Phuket, there’s an awful lot of news to cover. The English-language media struggles to keep up with the local press, but there are several reliable sources for getting your Phuket news.

The most established source of news in Phuket is the Phuket Gazette, a weekly newspaper that comes out every Saturday. The Gazette’s best days are behind it after the departure of talented managing editor Chris Husted, but the current team does a decent job with the resources they have.

The Phuket Gazette covers island news, culture, lifestyle, sport and happenings, as well as news from around the region. There are also a large number of columnists who contribute to the newspaper and cover everything from computers to property. Though editorial standards have slipped in recent months, the paper is still worth a read every week to keep abreast of the island’s latest goings-on.

Another contender is the Phuket Post, a more glossy newspaper that comes out every two weeks. The content is thinner than the Phuket Gazette’s, but the Phuket Post is a decent read for keeping up to date with events around the island primarily related to the expat scene. Think more lifestyle and soft news than hard-hitting stories. Like the Phuket Gazette, the Phuket Post has also gone through some difficult times recently.

A relative newcomer to the news scene in Phuket a website called Phuket Wan ( Although the people behind the website have yet to start running a print version of Phuket Wan, the website is chock full of all the latest news from the island. The website does a sterling job of covering news that interests its readership.

It’s easy enough to keep track of each of the above news services as the cost of newspapers is so cheap. The Phuket Post also has a website (, although it falls behind in terms of readability compared to the Phuket Gazette’s website (, which is updated every day or so with at least one news story. The strongest website by far is currently Phuket Wan’s, although with the high turnover of staff at the newspapers, it could only be a matter of time before the Gazette and the Post pick their game up again.

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