Top 3 Most Powerful Items In The DC Universe

While most superhero movies and characters rely on inborn traits that the character either was born with or obtained through some magical means, some artifacts and weapons can turn even the most neutral character into a powerful being with superhuman abilities. In some cases, even a plain Jane can be turned into the most powerful of superheroes with the use of a magical item, but many times, within that power there is also great responsibility, as the power can also be wielded for evil if it falls into the wrong hands. Here are the top three most powerful items found in the DC Universe.

The Cosmic Staff

The cosmic staff has been around for multiple generations. The first to ever obtain the cosmic staff was Starman who began the legacy. The other main wielders of the Cosmic Staff are Ted Knight and StarGirl. The staff itself has the ability to manipulate gravity and magnetic fields, create defensive force fields, deflect attacks, travel through different dimensions, and more. Catch the Cosmic Staff in all its power as it’s wielded by StarGirl in the hit show produced by Geoff Johns

The Book of The Black

If you’re looking for dark and evil artifacts found in the DC Universe, you’ll find it with The Book of the Black. The Book of the Black is a powerful book that contains many different prophecies and magical spells that can be used for evil. This book is supposed to be the physical representation of Death and was created on the planet of Oa. Those who use The Book of The Black are said to be given the power to control other people, and use any of the spells found within the dark and cursed pages of The Book of the Black.

Ninth Metal

Ninth Metal (or Nth metal) is a metal that contains properties that transmute its energy to a person who comes into contact with it. Once the user engages with this mysterious metal from a different planet, they are given superhuman abilities. Not only are they granted the ability to fly, but they are also awarded with the ability to push their body to heal extremely quickly. This gives people who come into contact with the metal the ability to transform into superheroes, or supervillains, giving it a spot close to the top in this list of the most powerful DC Universe items and artifacts.

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